Monday, May 30

Easy as the Breeze

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Featuring music from Dug Dug's, The Flatlanders with their song "Dallas," Italian prog-rockers Osanna with "Mirror Train," Japanese dork conglomerate Kuricorder Quartet, Okinawan pop sensation Katsuo Takayashi, Glen Campbell, Colombian musician Pedro Laza's "Cumbia Del Monte," "Jack O'Lantern" casssette from Sweet Thunder Found Sound blog, AC/DC, Lee Ranaldo "Florida Power," Kuricorder Quartet (again), Michael Hurley with "I Paint a Design" from the album Watertower, Tony Mason-Cox, Ronnie and the Daytonas, Yara Families with Folk Special, Kuricorder Quartet, The Specials, John Carpenter, Glenn Phillips, Gene Marshall.

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