Tuesday, January 7

A Day at the Beach

or direct download here: https://ia801502.us.archive.org/11/items/adayatthebeach_202001/A%20Day%20at%20the%20Beach.mp3

Begins with a mega-remix of Roger Whittaker's "Durham Town" and features songs by the Lovin' Spoonful and Todd Rundgren from his visionary home-recorded album A Wizard, A True Star.

Tuesday, November 19

Cold Outside

 or download directly HERE

Toppers weighs in on one of the most contentious issues roiling the oldies airwaves in America today: is it OK to play a certain classic late fall/ early winter song?

Wednesday, October 2

Toppers / Not Toppers

Direct download here:


Guest host: Marshall Applewhite

Toppers production being at an all time low, we were forced to dredge up this show (designed by the Gilboard without the benefit of a host) in order to meet demand. Hear songs with helpful spiritual commentary by Marshall Applewhite, filling in for Gil from the Great Beyond, and marvel at the junction of supply and demand in today's busy online musical blogosphere-forum.

Friday, July 12


or download show directly here: https://ia601409.us.archive.org/3/items/tips_20190712/tips.mp3

Who knows, you might learn something! Featuring music by Electronic Concept Orchestra, Baroque Jazz Trio, Ghetto Brothers, Oiling Boiling, Fred Waring, Johnny Largo, Velvet Hammer, Wendell Austin, Barbara Moore, Johnny Largo, Johnny McGee, Virgin Insanity, Synthesia, Led Zeppelin, Mark Dinning, Malauwi, Spitfire Debs, "Whoopee" John Wilfahrt and His Band, and Bing Crosby with Woody Herman's Band.