Tuesday, March 12


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P   L   A   Y   L   I   S   T
John Fahey "Lewisdale Blues" The Voice of the Turtle (1968)
Keope "Latin Luau" The King and I (1986)
Lee Fields "Ladies" My World (2009)
Leonard Kwan "SASE" The Old Way (1974)
Burl Ives "Thirty Thousand Feet over Denver" A Little Bitty Tear: The Nashville Years, 1961-1965
Peter Howell & John Ferdinando "Fishing" Tomorrow Come Someday (1969)
Steve Fisk "Love Is (Version)" Kiss this Day Goodbye (1983)
Maki Asakawa "Konna F┼źni Sugite Iku No Nara" My Man (1982)
Still Corners "The Message" Slow Air (2018)
The 4 J's "Electronic Instrument 'Theremin' (Dad)" The '4J''s Singing for Jesus (?)
Ted Weems and His Orchestra "Heartaches" (1947)
Los Angeles Negros "El Rey Y Yo" Y volvere (1970)
John Sase "Industrial Age" Aessence (1975)
Steve Fisk "Love Is All Around" Kiss this Day Goodbye (1983)
The 4 J's "Step by Step" The '4J''s Singing for Jesus (?)
Burl Ives "Bow Down" In Memoriam (?)
The Neighb'rhood Childr'n "Long Years In Space" S/T (1968)
Keope "Selah" The King and I (1986)
Sun City Girls "Dreamland" Horse Cock Phepner (1987)
The 4 J's "Jesus" [Remix] The '4J''s Singing for Jesus (?)
John Fahey "A Raga Called Pat, Part IV" The Voice of the Turtle (1968)

Tuesday, January 8

Letting the Music Speak for Itself

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Features music from Peter Howell & John Ferdinando in a number of guises, from Friends to Agincourt, as well as other artists.


Monday, November 19

The Wrong Duration

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Features the music of Lew Childre (both father and son) as well as tunes by various Hit Artists of today such as Adam Green, Brute Force, Filipino classic disco band Hot Dog, Bathroom Renovations, Perry Como, Tommy Dorsey & Orchestra with "Tea for Two," DJ Quik, Emmett Rhodes, Dinosaurs with Horns, The Scrotum Poles, Jim Croce, Kraftwerk, Jo Stafford, Ben Selvin and His Orchestra and more.

Sunday, September 2

Takin' It Easy

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Goodbye, summer! It's been fun hanging around the pool with you, takin' it easy.


Let's the two of us hear Donovan with his "Divine Days of Deathless Delight," then some Dick Hyman electronic covers, The Chris Christianson Show with "Sweet Mental Revenge," The Knights with "Tipping Strings," Led Zeppelin crossing "The Ocean," The New Tweedy Bros. being lazy, folkman Jim Croce doing one of his best-known numbers, followed by a single commercial interruption, for which we apologize.

After that it's solo tuba by Oystein Baadsvik with "Fnugg." Then we hear Lindsey Buckingham who purports to be in "Trouble," The Tape Beatles, more Dick Hyman, Korean guitarist Shin Jyun Hoong with "Moon Watching," Grace Chang tackling part of the opera Carmen, Will Gentry with the song-poem "You're Always An Outsider" with lyrics by Carol McMickle (sure to be a chart smash any day now), Sister Nancy, and "Imagination" as imagined by Smokey and His Sister. And that's that.