Thursday, May 3

"Celebrating May 1st" 5/1/2012


It's a rainy Tuesday afternoon in the greater Boston area. A staid, relaxed program featuring contemporary casual chartbusters from:

-Brazilian chanteuse Elis Regina!
-Sir Paul McCartney!
-H H H?
-classic Trojan ska band The Uniques!
-The Caravelles!
-African-American Texas singers The Angelina Quartet with their beautiful "When I was a Little Boy"
-James Brown!
-Elis Regina (again)!
-The Incredible String Band!
-Chiemi Eri and the Tokyo Cuban Boys!
-Ralph Pierce with his version of "Disco Duck" (this week's #1)!
-psychedelic pi-o-neers Frumious Bandersnatch!
-French neo-garage troll Messer Chups!
-The Downtowners with a song-poem penned by the one and only Rodd Keith!
-Piero Piccioni!
-and, finally, the Tammys with their hyperactive "Part of Growing Up." They were a girl group under Lou Christie's wing, who released a number of great singles in the mid 1960s. Their recordings were unearthed in the excellent and already-rare 2001 British import CD Egyptian Shumba: The Singles and Rare Recordings 1962-1964. More of their songs can be found on Youtube: Egyptian Shumba    Gypsy (Tea Leaves)   .

 There with be a month of repeats at BFR while Gil trots the globe. 'Toppers will return in June. Thanks for listening!