Thursday, March 23

Toppers AT NIGHT

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Featuring music from Ween "Freedom of '76," "In My El Camino" by The Upstroke from The Beaver Hunter soundtrack, Lawrence Welk, Oberlin '60s psych band Ant Trip Ceremony with "Looking," The Debbie Does Dallas theme, Brazilian genius Milton Nascimento, Canadian singer Dick Nolan, The Screaming Trees circa 1987, disco composer Brian Bennett, the always-useful Touch of Evil soundtrack, Bobby Gentry live on the BBC with "Peaceful," Guided by Voices with "Blimps Go 90" off Alien Lanes (1995), Los Hermanos Carrion with "Las Cerezas," more Brian Bennett, Good Times Jam Band with "Airport," Psycho Realm, a selection from Australian private-press band Bobby's 4, Willie Hays with "Walkin' the Streets After Dark," and The B-52s, who need no introduction.