Wednesday, December 23

Monday, December 7

The Finicky Gourmet

direct download link: here

It's a regular fancy feast for The Fynycky Gourmet (original Welsh spelling). Featuring music from Toby Rean and the Common People, Haruomi Hosono, James Brown, Blondie, Raymond Scott, Yasuaki Shimizu, Jimmy Dean, Pete Drake, Paul Simon, and more.

Sunday, November 15

Fill-in Cart #2: New Music Cart

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When all else fails, Toppers relies on helpful radio carts like this one to carry it through difficult times. The Toppers headphone official stereo jack is broken. A new cromputer needs to be prurchased. Until a Radio Shack is located within a fifiy mile radius, and a sturdy American-made computer (preferably a desk top and a Gateway) can be purchased with rolls of nickels (phone number helpfully written on teh paper roll for verification) , we will be relying on this cart, chock full of  90% "new" music, to fulfill our duties as members of the Boston Free Radio community abroad.

Cart Contents
Artist / Song Title / Album
1. Unknown "Theme from 'Sara,' Opening Credits"
2. Earl Hagen "The Andy Griffith Show Theme Song"
3. The Rojays "Magazine" Tommy Ran LP
4. Steely Dan "Only a Fool" Can't Buy a Thrill LP
5. The Waikiki Hawaiian Orchestra "Beautiful Hawaii" (Edison Cylinder)
6. Dion Macgregor "Val" from The Dream World of Dion Macgregor LP
7. Little Esther "I Dream" *
8. Zounds "Can't Cheat Karma"
9. Lew Tobin' Orchestra "Darling Don't Put Your Hands On Me" Peace and Love song-poem
10. Troy Cori "Rinky Roo Rah"*
11. Stanley W. Duncan "Old Man Duff" Wolf Folk Lore Collection
12. Teri Thornton "Why Don't You Love Me"
13. Ron & the D.C. Crew "Ron's Rap" *
14. Tony Rizzi & Pacific "Huntington Beach" Surfin' Pacific
15. Marine Girls "In Love" Beach Party LP (1981)
16. The Children of Sunshine "The College School"
17. Sexual Pleasures "Douches" Pent-R-Books Documentary Series
18. Kraftwerk "Intro (Beethoven) Live in Tokyo"
 19. RZA "Fast Shadow (Version 1) Ghost Dog Soundtrack (Japanese version)
20. Bill Price "People are Bound to Change" Come Unto the Lord
21. John J. Ballantine "Quill Blowing" Wolf Folk Lore Collection
22. Tony Rizzi & Pacific "Sunny (excerpt)" Surfin' Pacific

*Indicates a repeat from previous fill-in cart.

Thursday, September 17

Two Too Many Microphones

or download direct here: TOoOoOoOoOoPPERS

Features music from Walter Sear, Tony Rizzi and Pacific, Godzik Pink, and more plus a number of songs provided by long-time Toppers listener who goes by the handle "Tennessee" from Bo Diddley, Clifford T. Ward, and The Diddys.

Sunday, August 16

Breakfast in Bed


Or direct download here: ( 8 >  O ) -
Features "Mary in the Morning" by Ed Ames & Roger Hucek, "Breakfast in Bed" by Dusty Springfield, and many other top hits of today.

Friday, July 31

My Food Journal


Artist / Song / Album
  1. Robert Lester Folsom "Music and Dreams" Music and Dreams 1976*
  2. Mike Post "Theme Song from 'Doogie Howser, M.D.'" 1989
  3. Peter Sarstedt "Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)" 1969
  4. Biz Markie "Chinese Food" Weekend Warrior 2003
  5. Yellow Magic Orchestra "Behind the Mask" Solid State Survivor 1978
  6. Los Destellos de Enrique Delgado "Cielo Azulado" 1974
  7. England Dan & John Ford Coley "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight" Nights Are Forever 1976
  8.  Caninus "Bite the Hand that Breeds You" Now the Animals Have a Voice 2004
  9. Annette Hansaw "Under the Moon" 1932
  10. Rufus Thomas "Bear Cat" 1953
  11. The Diamonds "Church Bells May Ring" 1956
  12. Devora Clemmons "Six Petals" ?
  13. The Monkees "P.O Box 9847" The Birds The Bees, and the Monkees 1968
  14. The Beastie Boys "Shake Your Rump" Paul's Boutique 1989
*The Flaming Lips should seriously cover this song.

Thursday, June 18

Old Man River

 Direct download here: BIDENISTAS REVOLUCION

Go deep inside the Joseph Biden for President campaign headquarters in this dramatic show of 'Toppers. Features music from Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan, Paul Robeson, Broken Social Scene, Melon, Eddie Callahan, Baltimora, R. Stevie Moore, The Raincoats, and more.

Wednesday, May 27

H.R. Giger's House of Pizza

Or download here: TOPPERS Mp3
Music and memories from The Soul Survivors, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Molly Drake, Los Destellos, Tony Mason-Cox, Sam Cooke and more. This show sponsored by both  the new Portland restaurant H.R. Giger's House of Pizza and the Clute, Texas-based beverage company Tonchman's Nectar.

Friday, April 24

The Story of the Scrimps

 or direct download here:

Features "Ohyakudo Koisan" by Mahina Stars, a refrain of Lakme's beautiful "Flower Duet," the theme song to the TV game show Tic Tac Dough, New Move with Luz Elena Mendoza "When Did We Stop," De La Soul's "Plug Tunin' Instrumental," The Scrimps "Scrumptious" (remixing the The $10,000 Pyramid theme song), vanished '50s NY songstress Connie Converse with her excellent "Talkin' Like You (Two Tall Mountains)," BullWackies All Stars "Take Time," "Lonely Bell" by Jack Blanchard, The Scrimps "Bottom Feeda" (remixing Swamp Dogg's "I Was Born Blue"), Gorilla Zoe's "Hood Nigga" (Instrumental version), The Coup "Fat Cats and Bigga Fish," Sandy Posey "The Love of the Common People" (slight remix), "Remember We" instrumental by Salaam Remi/  Da Bush Babees, Lil' Scrizzy "Solo," Big Daddy Kane "Young Gifted and Black (Original Instrumental Remix)," a miscue of another Mahina Stars song, The Wandering Stars "I'm Yours," Mahina Stars "Horatette Damayo."

Wednesday, March 25

Thursday, March 12

The Leprechuans

or direct download here:

Featuring the music of Nashville legends Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan with "Tennesee Bird Walk," "Midnight Greyhound," "Journey's End" and more.

Thursday, February 19

Seasons in the Sun

Or download here: POOOBAPAPAROOBAPA!

Features music from Joe Tex, Lesley Gore, John Fahey, and more.

Tuesday, February 10

You Might Get Better (But You'll Never Get Well)

Download direct:

It's the 100th show of 'Toppers! Features music from The Chordettes, Henry Winkler, Henry "Red" Allen and his Orchestra, Bernard Bresslaw, Upfront Rudies, Jack Nitszche, The Ames Brothers, The Techniques, Unknown Artist, Rusty and Doug Kershaw, Middle of the Road, Morphine, Francis Lai, Gang Starr,  and Patsy Cline (with The Jordanaires).

Friday, January 9

Nature is My Mother

or direct here:

Features music from M, Buddy Holly, Meco, Bill Woods, Jerry Lee Lewis, Dick Hyman and Mary Mayo, Henry Mancini, Mudhoney, Pete Drake and His Talking Guitar, Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz, Relatively Clean Rivers, and more.