Tuesday, November 27

"Burn Out" 11/27/2012


A terribly dull show of 'Toppers, failing miserably on all levels.

Artist / Song / Album (if available)
Cinderella "Tl Ako Sa'Yo"
Brazda Brothers "Walking into the Sun" (The Brazda Brothers)
Brazda Brothers "Lonely Time" (The Brazda Brothers)
Down by the Station "Ha ha/ The Chocolate Train"
The Cote Family "Traveling Down Life's Lonely Road" (Somebody Help Me Praise Him)
Kwame "Rhythm" (The Boy Genius) 
Michael Hurley "Uncle Bob's Corner" (Hi Fi Snock Uptown)
Bobbi Blake "Husband, Lover, Friend"
James Ingram "Black Woman"
Guru Blanket "Kyrie Eleison" (Love Serve Remember)
Mirabai "Gita Song" (Love Serve Remember)
Burt Bacharach- various excerpts from the Orson Welles/Peter Sellers/Woody Allen film Casino Royale
The Everly Brothers "I Wonder if I Care as Much" (Heartaches and Harmonies)
Divine "Walk Like a Man" (The Best and the Rest Of Divine)
Al Green "Let's Stay Together" (Let's Stay Together)
Johnny Thunders "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory" (So Alone)
Kathy and Carol "Green Rocky Road" (Kathy and Carol)

Tuesday, November 20

"Let's Go to Market Basket!" 11/20/2012


A very special Thanksgiving day 'Toppers. Broadcast live and 100% local from the Prospect Avenue Whole Foods,Cambridge, and the Market Basket in Somerville.

Special bonus: this quick clip of Market Basket hell didn't make the show but you can hear it here.

Thursday, November 15

iToops: 'Toppers podcasts now available on iTunes

Barreling into the 21st Century at a breakneck pace, 'Toppers podcasts have now become syndicated in the popular "iTunes" service. You can find us by searching your iTunes store for podcasts or by following this link:


By subscribing to the podcast your mobile telephone can be updated automatically every time a show is uploaded.

Tuesday, November 13

"Gardening with Gil" 11/13/2012


Artist/ Song/ Album (if available)
Alvino Rey w/ Stringy the Talking Guitar "St. Louis Blues"
Bert Kaempfert "Afrikaan Beat" (Swinging Safari)
Mini "Heja Tanc"
Liz Anderson "So Much for Me, So Much for You" (Major Country Hits)
Marvin Gaye "Got to Give It Up (Part One)" (Pure Disco Compilation)
The Specials "Blank Expression" (The Specials)
Sanford Clark "Bad Luck"
Penahi "Dance Music" (Raks Raks Raks: Iranian '60s Garage Psych)
Pete Rock and CL Smooth "Mecca and the Soul Brother" (All Souled Out)
Shekar Dar Kohestan "Golden Ring" (Raks Raks Raks: Iranian '60s Garage Psych)
Lee Dorsey "A Lover was Born"
Lee Dorsey "O-Me O-My O"

Tuesday, November 6

"Mr. Romney is On Top of Vermont" 11/06/2012


A not-so-special election show with lots of great tunes.

Artist/ Song/ Album (if available)
15-60-75  "Jimmy Bell" (Jimmy Bell's in Town) 
Whistling Jack Smith "I Was Kaiser Bill's Batman"
The Fall "C.R.E.E.P." (The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall)
Los 3 Sudamericanos "Yeh Yeh" (Chicas!)
Les Crane "Desiradata [Child of the Universe]"
Optical*8 "Bug" (All Over)
Sanford Clark "My Jealousy" (The Fool- Recordings from 1956-1960)
Pete Fountain "Shrimp Boats" (The Best of Pete Fountain)
Anonymous Belgian Homeless Man "?"
The Honeycombs "Falling" (The Best of the Honeycombs)
Telex "Eurovision" (Eurovision)
Syl Johnson "Concrete Reservation" (Is It Because I'm Black?)
Sanford Clark "Son of a Gun" (The Fool- Recordings from 1956-1960)
Talking Heads "This Must Be the Place" (Speaking in Tongues)
Pete Drake "Y'all Come" (The Amazing & Incredible Pete Drake & His Talking Guitar)