Thursday, December 25

Christmas Toppings

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Four original, exclusive songs make this Christmas 'Toppers as special treat!

Features music from the Micihigan Children's Psychiatric Hospital, Pete Drake, Shannon and the Clams and more.

Wednesday, December 10


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Features music from Dick Hyman, Eydie Gorme, The Homosexuals,  Bernard Herrmann (with his always-handy Vertigo theme), Troy Cori, The Pyramids, Dick Kent (with poignant song-poem "Octopus Woman"), Gaitley and Fitzgerald, Eric Donaldson, Three Pea's in a Podd, Suburban Lawns (with "Green Eyes"), Rollox, Chris Montez, Wings, Diane Renay, Clawhammer Banjo, Ronnie Dukes and Ricky Lee.

Tuesday, November 18

Toppers Goes NPR

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Features music from The Everly Brothers, Ariel Pink, Joe and Rose Lee Maphis, Reparata and the Delrons, Apple and Three Oranges, The Stickmen, Jackie Moppins, Producer's Music Service, Liz Damon's Orient Express, Tommy James and the Shondells and more.

Tuesday, November 4

Fall Back

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Features music from the Lovin' Spoonful, Adrian Belew, Tommy James and the Shondells,  Johnny Mathis and Deniece Williams, Olaf Stilleti, Walter Sears, Sadat X and Doo Wop, Onie Wheeler, Richard Wagner, Ween, James Brown, Jiri Suchy, Mickey Lee Lane, Julian Lennon and The Liverbirds.

Tuesday, October 28

'Toppers Halloween Special 3: Trash or Treasure?

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For the third year running, Toppers drags itself out of the crypt for a blunderwhelming halloween show. But this year we abandon trick or treat for trash or treasure, visiting America's thrift stores.

Features music from "Froggy" Landers and the Cough Drops, Ngozi Family, Chris Montez, Norma Tanega, Smooth Da Hustla, Ween, Little Marcy, Hans Albers, Bob Dylan, Seashore ACDC, Kid Koala and more hit artists of 2014.

Tuesday, September 16

Bubblegum Surprise

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A lot of great '70s pop this hour from bands like Street People, Dark, The Association, Stonewall Jackson, and more.

Tuesday, August 19

Scrape Bookin'

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Archive. Create. Flourish. Features music from The Pretty Things, The Browns, James Moore and more.

Tuesday, August 5

The Story of Market Basket

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At long last, the story of besieged New England supermarket chain Market Basket is told. You'll learn all about the family curse, the two Arthurs, and why so many workers are on strike right now.

Features music from Kim Fowley, Tommy Tucker, Macho Alex, Alvino Rey, Question Mark and the Mysterions, Nino Rota, Jonathan Richman, Haroumi Hosono, Bing Crosby, Pastiche, Bob Luman, John Paul Jones and more.

A parody.

Tuesday, June 3

Motorcycles Are Everywhere

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 Artist / Song / Album (when available)
1. Willie Nelson "I'm a Memory"
2. Son Song "Holliday" [sic] Today is A Start LP
3. Bobby Womack "Across 110th Street"  Across 110th Street
4. The Plastic Cow/ Mike Melvoin "Born to Be Wild" The Plastic Cow Goes Moooog LP
5. The New Lords "(Theme from) Twilight" New Lords
6. Lew Sherwood "Moon Over Miami" The Elegant Eddy Duchin
7. Phil Celia "If Butch the Rough Barber Man Shaves Castro" [Song-poem 7"]
8. The Plastic Cow/ Mike Melvoin "The Plastic Cow" The Plastic Cow Goes Moooog LP
9. The Carter Family "Hello Stranger"
10. Joy Division "Digital" A Factory Sample
11. Raymond Scott "Dedicatory Piece to the Crew and Passengers of the First Experimental Rocket to the Moon" Dorothy and Raymond at Home
12. Lew Sherwood "Flirtation Walk" The Elegant Eddy Duchin
13. Seth Mize "Mama Wash My Jumpers" Old Time Fiddling LP
14. The Plastic Cow / Mike Melvoin "The Ballad of John and Yoko" The Plastic Cow Goes Mooooog LP
15. Herman's Hermits "Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter"
16. Son Song and Roger Hucek "Today is A Start (Remix)" Today is A Start LP

Friday, May 23

Boko Haram!

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Gil and his puppet Patches discover the true meaning of friendship. Features music from John Barry, Alvino Rey, Garnet Mims, the Residents and more.

Tuesday, April 15

Wednesday, April 9

Me 'Toppers On Fire

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This week 'Toppers makes friends and influenzas people. Based on an idea by Rachel Phillips. Featuring fine music from Bruce Springsteen, Split Enz, The Mills Brothers, John Kelly and Carol Lochbaum, Porest, Carroll Gibbons and his Savoy Hotel Orpheans, Joe Marsala, Johnny Crawford, The Pilgrim Travelers, Musical Youth, Lawrence Tibbett, Kid Koala and more.

Tuesday, March 11

Greatest Hits / Fill-in Cart

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Whenever teh going gets rough we turn to this handy plastic cart of filler. It is known amongst 'Toppers as one of the mythical Lost Episodes (imagine what could have been!), originally broadcast on Boston Free Radio June 18, 2013, updated a bit.

Tuesday, February 25

Take It Easy Tuesdays

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Features music from, in order: Donovan, George Franklin Smallwood, The Doodletown Pipers, Big Scoob, Ukrainian rockers Vopli Vidopliassova, Annikki Tahti, President Bill Clinton (from Baracksdubs), Otis Redding, Mike Berry with his "Buddy Holly," Buddy Holly, Mofungo, Donovan (again), Jim Cuomo with an excerpt from teh computer game "Defender of the Crown," Tom Rush with his excellent "No Regrets," Tenor Saw, Alma Cogan with "Sugar Time," and the Grateful Dead with "New Potato Caboose."

Sunday, February 16

'Toppers in Space


Features music from Diana Ross and the Supremes, Raymond Scott, the Grateful Dead, Tonetta, Neil Young, Sammla Mammas Manna, Allen Klein, Electric Light Orchestra, the Doodletown Pipers, and more.

Tuesday, January 7

2013: The Year in Review

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It's a new year. Time to reminisce with 'Toppers.

Artist / Song / Album
  1. Michael Hurley "Doin the O'Possum" Land of Lofi LP
  2. Unknown South Korean Band "Swan Lake" ? LP
  3. The Browns "This Time I Would Know" The Browns: The Three Bells Box Set
  4. The Hye Fyes Near Eastern Orchestra "Theme" Near East Meets West LP
  5. Mike Berry "Just a Matter of Time" Telstar: Joe Meek Anthology
  6. Lightside "Let It Be Me" Potpurri '76 Bishop Ward High School LP
  7. The Velvet Underground "Murder Mystery" The Velvet Underground
  8. Peter Jay and the Jaywalkers "Can Can '62" Telstar: Joe Meek Anthology
  9. Billy Murray and Ada Jones "Dixie's Land"
  10. Unknown South Korean Band "Hawaiian War Chant" ? LP
  11. Mehrpooya "Twist Dokthare Shab" The Intercontinental Volume 1 LP
  12. Burke-Rivera Junior High Chorus "What the World Needs Now" Concert 1970 LP
  13.  Ray Dexter "Lonely Week-End" Telstar: Joe Meek Anthology