Tuesday, June 3

Motorcycles Are Everywhere

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 Artist / Song / Album (when available)
1. Willie Nelson "I'm a Memory"
2. Son Song "Holliday" [sic] Today is A Start LP
3. Bobby Womack "Across 110th Street"  Across 110th Street
4. The Plastic Cow/ Mike Melvoin "Born to Be Wild" The Plastic Cow Goes Moooog LP
5. The New Lords "(Theme from) Twilight" New Lords
6. Lew Sherwood "Moon Over Miami" The Elegant Eddy Duchin
7. Phil Celia "If Butch the Rough Barber Man Shaves Castro" [Song-poem 7"]
8. The Plastic Cow/ Mike Melvoin "The Plastic Cow" The Plastic Cow Goes Moooog LP
9. The Carter Family "Hello Stranger"
10. Joy Division "Digital" A Factory Sample
11. Raymond Scott "Dedicatory Piece to the Crew and Passengers of the First Experimental Rocket to the Moon" Dorothy and Raymond at Home
12. Lew Sherwood "Flirtation Walk" The Elegant Eddy Duchin
13. Seth Mize "Mama Wash My Jumpers" Old Time Fiddling LP
14. The Plastic Cow / Mike Melvoin "The Ballad of John and Yoko" The Plastic Cow Goes Mooooog LP
15. Herman's Hermits "Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter"
16. Son Song and Roger Hucek "Today is A Start (Remix)" Today is A Start LP