Friday, December 6

Ice Fishin'

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'Toppers goes ice fishing. Hooray. Features music from Peter Grudzien, Donald Byrd and the
Blackbyrds, Donovan, The Four Vagabonds, Craig Mack, Major Lance, and more as well as a haunting refrain from Rachel Phillips.

Tuesday, November 26

Friday, November 22

JFK 11/22/2013

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It's been 50 years since JFK was killed and at last Toppers is getting to the bottom of the mystery. This show features an audio documentary reputedly prepared by the CIA itself, JFK SchmayFK. It reveals the truth of what happened-- Kennedy died of natural causes in Dealey Plaza, the victim of a spontaneously exploding head due to high blood pressure.

Features music from Mike and Pam Martin, Charlie Rich, Carole King, The Six Fat Dutchman, Hi Hopes, Buffalo Springfield, Almendra, Invisible, Salaam Remi, John Williams, Michel Kozlovsky and Olivier Doucet, Happy End, and many other hot artists of yesteryear. A parody.

Wednesday, November 6

Topical Conversations: Eve Ensler


This week's show features a very topical conversation with Eve Ensler, creator of The Vagina Monologues and the One Billion Rising campaign, planned for February 2014.

Also features music from Tin Pan Alley, Fantastic Planet, Wimple Winch, Mirrors, Ilona Penzes, Art of the Gifted, Carol Stivers, The Browns, The Modernaires, Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass, and Konrad with his song "Music Scientists." A parody.

Tuesday, October 29

Toppers Halloween Special 2: Bad Puppy

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A halloween extravaganza with music from 53 Bus, The Notorious B.I.G, Lee Hazelwood, Naked City, Bruno Martino, Cincinnati Joe and Mad Lydia, Alice Armand, and many more.

Tuesday, October 15

Columbus Day!

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Celebrate Columbus Day with 'Toppers. This show features music
from People, Judy and Johnny, R.E.M, Haruomi Hosono, Cleveland proto-punk band Mirrors,  The Fall, Johnny Seay,  Ralph Lowe, The Shirelles, and more. 

Wednesday, October 9

What Goes On in the Heart of Toppers

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Featuring music from William Onyeabor, CAN, Zelia Barbosa, Tafo, Shirley Collins, The Pixies, The Versatones, The MC5, Johnny Burnette, Dave Dudley, Donovan, The Go-Betweens, Selah Singers, and the new compilation Classroom Projects: Incredible Music Made by Children in Schools from Trunk Records.

Tuesday, September 24


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The 'Toppers internet radio signal is interrupted by KMOM, a radio station with music and views solely for moms. This show features a remix with guitar/synth of Fleetwood Mac's "Rhiannon" by Roger Hucek.

Tuesday, September 17

The Diarrhea Pyramid

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A suspenseful medical drama featuring music from Joe Bataan, Linda Perhacs, Blondie,  Abner Jay, The Clash, The Essex, Diane Meckley, Squat Theatre, NRBQ, Peter Blegvad, Paul Wibier, Stereolab, The Observer All-Stars & King Tubby and more.

Tuesday, September 10


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Features music from Palais Schaumberg, Liliput, Dion, Baby Washington, The Links, Keith Hudson and more.

Tuesday, September 3

Vinyl Vantasy

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We continue our quest to bring audiences sounds they've never heard before-- wildly experimenting by playing actual record albums. Features music from Volpi Vidopliassova, Charlie Feathers, Cluster, Salt N' Pepa, Led Zeppelin, Sanford Clark, Doo Wop, Astrud Gilberto, Corliss Lamont, Ferko String Band, The Astronauts, The Royaltones, Floyd Cramer, Frankie Burke, Mike & Wally, and many more of America's #1 Recorded Album Band people.

Tuesday, August 27

Numbers Stations

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This show of 'Toppers features great music from Lee Hazlewood, Slim Whitman, the Chariots of the Gods soundtrack,  Starbuck, Leon Ashley, Mel Street, Helen Shapiro, Glen Campbell, Boyd Rice and Frank Tovey, and some recordings of "numbers stations." For more information on them see The Conet project or listen to them here for free.

Friday, August 23

'Toppers set at BFR Free Show at Radio, Somerville, MA 8/23/2013

This is the pre-recorded mini-set for Boston Free Radio's Free Show at the club Radio in Somerville, MA. Features three songs, by Canned Heat, John Leyton, and Mathematiques Modernes.

Wednesday, July 3

Toppers on Hiatus

No new shows for about a month or so due to a recent move. Early August we should have new podcasts.

Tuesday, June 18


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After his wife loses her nursing job, Gil (host of oldies ringamarole 'Toppers) must leave Somerville, Massachusetts for greener pastures. But will very bad attempts at a Boston accent ruin the show? Find out!

Features music from Turkish composer Okay Temiz, The Explosions, Can, Donovan, L. Ron Hubbard, Ral Donner, Manos Hajidakis, Lee Hazlewood, Telex, and other topular artists of the professional music world. An extra long show with four extra minutes of quality jams.

Friday, June 7

Biggie Said It, I Didn't

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Gil has a burning question only his faithful wife Gail can answer. Features music from Trio, Michael Jackson, Praxis, Lee Hazlewood, and many more great artists.

Wednesday, May 29

Ahh.... Music

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Ah... music from the Flower Travellin' Band, All Saved Freak Band, Imperial Pompadours, Jackie Mittoo, The Waikikis, The Flirtations, The Flying Luttenbachers, Sara Vaughn, Wild Blueberries, and more. Ah...

Wednesday, May 22

God Bless Harvard

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This May the Harvard kids move out and 'Toppers swoops in. 

Features music from the Kinks, the Links, Geogre Formby, Yello, Wally Sparks, and many other artists of exceptional pedigree.

Tuesday, May 7

"Dippers!" 5/7/2013

Features music from Norma Tanega, Crass, Jeremy, and many more of today's top artists.

Thursday, May 2

"The Manuscript Found in Saragossa, Part 1" 4/30/2013



Features music, as usual, as well as the beginning of the strange supernatural novel The Manuscript Found in Saragossa written by Polish count Jan Potocki, first published in 1814. It is from the Ian Maclean translation. To be continued at a later date.

Wednesday, April 17

"Auditions" 4/16/2013


In the wake of tragedy, Gil and his Gilboard soldier on together with fine music. Starts off with French band Gong from their 1971 album Camembert Electrique and features two songs by Norma Tanega.

Tuesday, April 9



What could be cooler than an hour of community access radio? 

Features music from Johnny Mathis, Aaron Neville,  Chris Hinze, Blue Barron and His Orchestra, Bobby Goldsboro, Salaam Remi,Wharton Tiers' post-no-wave band Glorious Strangers, Gong, Bernard Wystaete, Vashti Bunyan, Tribe Called Quest, Thai band The Traces, and more.

Tuesday, April 2

The Story of Easter


Learn all about Easter on this week's 'Toppers

Canned Heat "Poor Moon" Future Blues 1970
Fred Weinberg "A Child's Life" The Weinberg Method of Non-Synthetic Electronic Rock 1968 
Halmark Productions/ No Artist named "Jesus Was Standing Right There" 7" ?  
UKW "Oskolai" ? 1980  
Talking Heads "Uh Oh, Love Has Come to Town" Talking Heads '77 1977 
Franz Lambert "Bette Davis Eyes" Top Hits 2 1981   
Wilmer Watts and the Lonely Eagles "Bonnie Bess" 
Elano B "Too Late" 7" 1981
Anonymous snake charmer
Neil Young "After the Gold Rush" After the Gold Rush 1970
Isao Tomita "[Debussy's] Golliwog's Cakewalk" Snowflakes Are Dancing 1974
Lou Christie "Merry Go Round" 7" 1964  
Melina Mercorui "Ta Pedia Tou Pirea (Never On Sunday)" Pote tin Kyriaki Soundtrack 1960 

The Cure "In Between Days" The Head on the Door 1985
Original Sacred Harp Choir "Amazing Grace" 1922

Tuesday, March 26

"Windows 8 Is Terrible in Every Way Possible" 3/26/2013


Mostly music this week: Ann Steel, Telex, Pink Floyd, Dead Kennedys, Glass Prism, Benny Soebardja and Lizard, Bill Monroe,  New Vaudeville Band, Social Studies, Janko Nilovic and many more.

Wednesday, March 20

"Routine" 3/20/2013


Get a peak behind the scenes of marginally popular internet oldies program 'Toppers! Features music by Dean Martin, Rubbabandz, Artie Shaw and His Orchestra, Gastr del Sol, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, electro-acoustic composer Jim Cuomo, the Doobie Brothers, the Ronettes, Circle Jerks, Bob Dylan, Taio Cruz, The Free Design, Simon and Garfinkel, and many other hit artists of today.

Tuesday, March 12

"Video-Troopers" 3/12/2013


'Toppers goes digital in an action-packed show in video game land. It's almost as much fun as watching someone else play video games!

This show also spotlights the work of composer Ronnie Hazelhurst, who is best known for writing the pitch-perfect theme song for the British TV show Are You Being Served?

Artist / Title / Album (Year)
The Revelers "Blue Room" (1926)
Ural Thomas "Push 'Em Up"
Ronnie Hazelhurst "Sometime Now" Ben the Big One
Koji Kondo "Legend of Zelda: Overworld Theme" (From
Doo Wop "Catching Wreck" (From the demo tape Catching Wreck with a Wu Tang sample) (1993)
John Harrell "Ooh-Wah-Wah" (The Wolf Folklore Collection online)
The Sea & Cake "Bird and Flag" The Fawn (1997)
Ronnie Hazelhurst "Sorry! Theme Song" (1979)
Patrinell Staten "You Let a Good Man Go" Wheedle's Groove
Dorothy Stewart "Little Kitty" (From the Wolf Folklore Collection online.)
Koji Kondo "Super Mario Bros 3: Running Around Underground" (From
Dionne Warwick "Planes and Boats and Trains" Greatest Hits
Hirokazu Tanaka "Kid Icarus: Underworld" (From
Jim Cuomo "Zebulon Pike" (1969)
Jim Baker "Toejam and Earl: Toejam Jammin'" (from (1991)
Skip and Flip "It Was I" (1959)
Neil Young "Dead Man" Dead Man 
Michael Schwalbe "Scherezade" (Remixed by R. Hucek)
Roger Hucek "Showdown with Dr. Stradvarius"
Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson "Pick Up the Tempo" Waylon & Willie
Geoff Follin, Tim Follin "The Incredible Crash Text Dummies: Boss"
Roger Hucek "Theme from Video-Toopers"
Piero "Y Todo Los Dias"
Patrinell Staten "Little Love Affair"

Sunday, March 10

Full show now on YouTube!

'Toppers listeners can now enjoy the full program "Right On Target" via the popular YouTube web service:


More "YouTubage" to come!

Tuesday, March 5

Wednesday, February 27

"Right On Target" 2/26/2013


'Toppers takes a hard right turn and never looks back.

(We've had some issues with the slowness and difficulty of using A Infos Radio, so this show will probably be posted in Youtube format soon.)

Tuesday, February 19

Adrift in a Sea of Memories

or download here:

Easy listening music from artists like Lee Hazlewood, The Trashmen, ELO, Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh, Carole King, Vicious Pink, Trisome 21, Gil Trythall, and more.

Tuesday, February 12

"Blizzard Days" 2/12/2013


Snowed-in? Try some Toppers! Features music from Ral Donner, Ferlin Husky, and many more.

Tuesday, February 5

The Jingle Factory

or for download: CLICK HERE FOR MP3

Take a trip to ye old Jingle Factory with your host Gil. Features music from Michael Hurley, Royal Sprites, the Seminoles, Johnny Cash, Carson & Gale, Strapping Fieldhands, and many others.

Tuesday, January 29

"Get Well Soon" 1/29/2013

Or download the program here:

 A miraculous hour of healing music. Features tunes from the one but not only David Bowie, forgotten Detroit soul man Darondo, clammy '50s Finnish chanteuse Pirkko Jaakkola, the Ohio-lovin' Kenny Roberts and the Pinetoppers, Thai pre-funksketeers Rungpetch Lamsing, crossover hop hoppers EPMD, the lovely Barbara Lynn, instru-mentalpatients the Mar-Keys, South African white poppy bunch Four Jacks and a Jill, and many other chart-eradicating artists of Today.

Leads off with an excerpt from Dion Mcgregor, who found brief fame in the 1960s due to recordings friends had made of him talking in his sleep.

Wednesday, January 23

"Live from the Land Beyond Space & Time" 1/22/2013


This entire show broadcast live from the Land Beyond Space and Time-- featuring one long interrupted song straight from another dimension. Are you intrepid enough to listen to the entire broadcast?

Performed live at Boston Free Radio's studio using gong, acoustic guitar, samples, synthesizers, radio, metal strings, zither, thundertube, child's water-valve trumpet, regular trumpet, tapes, bongo, and stapler by Roger Hucek.  Opens with "The World's Slowest Line" by Peter Ball's project Apartment One, a track off the 1996 cassette. Closes with "Who Rotten 'Em" by Slick Rick.

Tuesday, January 8

"Kids Say the Darndest Things" 1/8/2013


A musical focus on early '60s Brits Joe Meek and Helen Shapiro, as well as some pleasant no wave.

The Reverend Toad-Eater "Alden Street" (Blorp Essette/ L.A. Free Music Society)
M "Pop Muzik"
Trini Lopez "If I Had  Hammer" (Trini Lopez's Best Sellers)
Sounds Incorporated "Keep Moving + Order of the Keys" *A/B sides of a Joe Meek 45"
Tony Randall and Jack Klugman "You're So Vain" (The Odd Couple Sings)
The Contortions " I Can't Stand Myself" (No New York)
Leroy Anderson "The Typewriter Song"
Sparks "When I'm With You [LP version]" (Terminal Jive)
Michael Cox "You're Only Young Once" *Another Joe Meek-produced song
Terry Stafford "Amarillo By Morning" (Say, Has Anybody Seen My Sweet Gypsy Rose?)
Helen Shapiro "I Don't Care"
Dire Straits "Sultans of Swing" (Dire Straits)
Notekillers "Clock Wise" (Notekillers 1977-81)
Helen Shapiro "Don't Treat Me Like a Child"
Debris' "Leisurely Waiting" (Static Disposal)
Rumpletilskinz "Mushroom Talk" (What is a Rumpeltilskin?)