Thursday, December 25

Christmas Toppings

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Four original, exclusive songs make this Christmas 'Toppers as special treat!

Features music from the Micihigan Children's Psychiatric Hospital, Pete Drake, Shannon and the Clams and more.

Wednesday, December 10


Or direct download here

Features music from Dick Hyman, Eydie Gorme, The Homosexuals,  Bernard Herrmann (with his always-handy Vertigo theme), Troy Cori, The Pyramids, Dick Kent (with poignant song-poem "Octopus Woman"), Gaitley and Fitzgerald, Eric Donaldson, Three Pea's in a Podd, Suburban Lawns (with "Green Eyes"), Rollox, Chris Montez, Wings, Diane Renay, Clawhammer Banjo, Ronnie Dukes and Ricky Lee.