Friday, December 8

Wednesday, October 11

Falling Leaves

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Let's hear from Vietnam soul veteran James Armstrong, The Golden Gate Quartet with "Same Train," cocaine country combo Little Feat, Apple and Three Oranges, Fred Weinberg, Los Angelino commando Ariel Pink, Los Diplomaticos (twice), Perfurd Burtner and his Gong Gong Gong, The Amoebas, Ralph Lowe with poignant observational TV song-poem "The Crime Shows," Bob Snyder, The Kit-Kats, The Newbeats, Moses Josiah and His Musical Saw, Los Yetis, and more Fall artists this Torpors. It's going to be a foorn torme.

Wednesday, September 20

Little Joselito

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Band saw safety!

Wednesday, August 16

Three Long Songs

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Nothing but three very long jams to relax, garden, meditate, pray, sleep, or repair plumbing to. Enjoy!

1. Niagara "Sangandongo" Niagara (Germany, 1970)
2. A Taste of Blues "Schizofrenia" Schizofrenia (Sweden, 1969)
3. Hampton Grease Band "Halifax" Music to Eat (USA, 1971)

Tuesday, July 25

Wednesday, July 12

Story of the 4th of July

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Featuring lots of John Williams soundtracks (from Home Alone, Forrest Gump, and other movies) and ELO background music.

Jeremy - "Listen to the Wind" (Loneliness is Such a Sad Affair, 1976)
ELO - "Daybreaker" (On The Third Day, 1973)
Donovan - "House of Jansch"(Mellow Yellow, 1967)
Edoardo Vianello - "Windsurf"(Windsurf, 1982)
Ju Suk Reet Meate - "Untitled" (Ju Suk Reet Meate 1978)
ELO - "Bluebird is Dead" (The Third Day, 1973)
Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs - "Standing Ovation".....

The Painted Ship "Frustration"...

Monday, June 5

My Wisps

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Featuring music by the Mamas and Papas, Roy Esser, The Monks, Hutton School Choir, Ray Conniff, Harry "Mac" Mclintock, The Ames Brothers, and two songs each by The Seeds, Italian singer Bobby Solo, and English songstress Shirley Collins... + more.

Tuesday, April 11


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Little platters of flavors from around the world, but mostly from whatever country it is that generates song-poems. Which is America, actually. So all the flavors are from America, and are bad. Better luck next time!

Thursday, March 23

Toppers AT NIGHT

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Featuring music from Ween "Freedom of '76," "In My El Camino" by The Upstroke from The Beaver Hunter soundtrack, Lawrence Welk, Oberlin '60s psych band Ant Trip Ceremony with "Looking," The Debbie Does Dallas theme, Brazilian genius Milton Nascimento, Canadian singer Dick Nolan, The Screaming Trees circa 1987, disco composer Brian Bennett, the always-useful Touch of Evil soundtrack, Bobby Gentry live on the BBC with "Peaceful," Guided by Voices with "Blimps Go 90" off Alien Lanes (1995), Los Hermanos Carrion with "Las Cerezas," more Brian Bennett, Good Times Jam Band with "Airport," Psycho Realm, a selection from Australian private-press band Bobby's 4, Willie Hays with "Walkin' the Streets After Dark," and The B-52s, who need no introduction.

Saturday, February 11

Monday, January 2

Happy New Years!

or download directly here: FROOPERS

Enjoy music from Viparata Piengsuwan, surf legend Takeshi Terauchi and the Bunnys, Sun City Girls, Japanese New Wave group Chakra, Millie Small, Testpattern, The Byrds with "Moog Raga," Osvaldo Gaona and Los Comuneros, Loncie Malloy, and more.