Tuesday, June 19

"Symptoms of Withdrawal" 6/19/2012

A disappointing show for Gil as he deals with a dreadful addiction.

Features music from Bonnie Graham, Helene Smith with her soulful non-hit "A Woman Will Do Wrong," Dick and DeeDee, Ariel Pink, the Browns, the Cookies, Ron Davis (AKA Rodd Keith), an unknown Indian artist on the "DJ Smokestack Presents Shitala" compilation, Good Times Jam Band, the Penetrators, The Everly Brothers, Steve Fisk, The MSR Singers (Rodd Keith in disguise, again), Good Times Jam Band (again) with their "Making Babies in a Turkish Village," De La Soul, El Resplanador, The Chiffons, Kleenex (a good, simple video for the song located here), Sodsai Chaengki, and the Fleetwoods.

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