Tuesday, October 23

"Pahoosoham" 10/16 & 10/23/2012


The complete show
While Boston Free Radio's streaming service was down on October 23rd a final 40 minutes was digitally recreated using advanced Computer Generated Imagery and painstakingly re-recorded "in studio." You can now hear a sloppy  approximation of what the original broadcast sounded like in its entirety. Why it's almost as good as the original!

Artist/Song/Album (if available)
Chubby Checker "Misirlou"
Cal Smith "Country Bumpkin"
Santo and Johnny "Caravan" (Santo and Johnny)
Brenton Wood "Baby You Got It" (18 Best)
Joy Division "Transmission

Miriam Makeba "Pata Pata"  (The Best of the Early Years)
Sunil Ganguly "Ajhoon Na Aye" (Bollywood Steel Guitar)
Santo and Johnny "Summertime" (Santo and Johnny)
Yays & Nays "Contrary Mary" (Yays & Nays)
Jim Ed Brown "Pop a Top" (Greatest Hits)
Rocket from the Crypt "Light Me" (The State of the Art is on Fire)
Amoebic Ensemble "Gimme a Buck or I'll Touch You" (Limbic Rage)
Young MC "Know How" (Stone Cold Rhymin')
Johnny Cash "God's Gonna Cut You Down" (American V)
Dead Kennedys "Holiday in Cambodia" (Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables)
Johnny Burnette "It'll Be Alright" Demo (Wampus Cat)

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