Tuesday, November 27

"Burn Out" 11/27/2012


A terribly dull show of 'Toppers, failing miserably on all levels.

Artist / Song / Album (if available)
Cinderella "Tl Ako Sa'Yo"
Brazda Brothers "Walking into the Sun" (The Brazda Brothers)
Brazda Brothers "Lonely Time" (The Brazda Brothers)
Down by the Station "Ha ha/ The Chocolate Train"
The Cote Family "Traveling Down Life's Lonely Road" (Somebody Help Me Praise Him)
Kwame "Rhythm" (The Boy Genius) 
Michael Hurley "Uncle Bob's Corner" (Hi Fi Snock Uptown)
Bobbi Blake "Husband, Lover, Friend"
James Ingram "Black Woman"
Guru Blanket "Kyrie Eleison" (Love Serve Remember)
Mirabai "Gita Song" (Love Serve Remember)
Burt Bacharach- various excerpts from the Orson Welles/Peter Sellers/Woody Allen film Casino Royale
The Everly Brothers "I Wonder if I Care as Much" (Heartaches and Harmonies)
Divine "Walk Like a Man" (The Best and the Rest Of Divine)
Al Green "Let's Stay Together" (Let's Stay Together)
Johnny Thunders "You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory" (So Alone)
Kathy and Carol "Green Rocky Road" (Kathy and Carol)

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