Tuesday, January 29

"Get Well Soon" 1/29/2013

Or download the program here: https://ia801902.us.archive.org/2/items/Toppers1292013/Toppers%201%2029%202013.mp3

 A miraculous hour of healing music. Features tunes from the one but not only David Bowie, forgotten Detroit soul man Darondo, clammy '50s Finnish chanteuse Pirkko Jaakkola, the Ohio-lovin' Kenny Roberts and the Pinetoppers, Thai pre-funksketeers Rungpetch Lamsing, crossover hop hoppers EPMD, the lovely Barbara Lynn, instru-mentalpatients the Mar-Keys, South African white poppy bunch Four Jacks and a Jill, and many other chart-eradicating artists of Today.

Leads off with an excerpt from Dion Mcgregor, who found brief fame in the 1960s due to recordings friends had made of him talking in his sleep.

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