Tuesday, March 12

"Video-Troopers" 3/12/2013


'Toppers goes digital in an action-packed show in video game land. It's almost as much fun as watching someone else play video games!

This show also spotlights the work of composer Ronnie Hazelhurst, who is best known for writing the pitch-perfect theme song for the British TV show Are You Being Served?

Artist / Title / Album (Year)
The Revelers "Blue Room" (1926)
Ural Thomas "Push 'Em Up"
Ronnie Hazelhurst "Sometime Now" Ben the Big One
Koji Kondo "Legend of Zelda: Overworld Theme" (From Retrotracks.com.)
Doo Wop "Catching Wreck" (From the demo tape Catching Wreck with a Wu Tang sample) (1993)
John Harrell "Ooh-Wah-Wah" (The Wolf Folklore Collection online)
The Sea & Cake "Bird and Flag" The Fawn (1997)
Ronnie Hazelhurst "Sorry! Theme Song" (1979)
Patrinell Staten "You Let a Good Man Go" Wheedle's Groove
Dorothy Stewart "Little Kitty" (From the Wolf Folklore Collection online.)
Koji Kondo "Super Mario Bros 3: Running Around Underground" (From Retrotracks.com.)
Dionne Warwick "Planes and Boats and Trains" Greatest Hits
Hirokazu Tanaka "Kid Icarus: Underworld" (From Retrotracks.com.)
Jim Cuomo "Zebulon Pike" (1969)
Jim Baker "Toejam and Earl: Toejam Jammin'" (from Retrotracks.com.) (1991)
Skip and Flip "It Was I" (1959)
Neil Young "Dead Man" Dead Man 
Michael Schwalbe "Scherezade" (Remixed by R. Hucek)
Roger Hucek "Showdown with Dr. Stradvarius"
Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson "Pick Up the Tempo" Waylon & Willie
Geoff Follin, Tim Follin "The Incredible Crash Text Dummies: Boss"
Roger Hucek "Theme from Video-Toopers"
Piero "Y Todo Los Dias"
Patrinell Staten "Little Love Affair"

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