Tuesday, March 12


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P   L   A   Y   L   I   S   T
John Fahey "Lewisdale Blues" The Voice of the Turtle (1968)
Keope "Latin Luau" The King and I (1986)
Lee Fields "Ladies" My World (2009)
Leonard Kwan "SASE" The Old Way (1974)
Burl Ives "Thirty Thousand Feet over Denver" A Little Bitty Tear: The Nashville Years, 1961-1965
Peter Howell & John Ferdinando "Fishing" Tomorrow Come Someday (1969)
Steve Fisk "Love Is (Version)" Kiss this Day Goodbye (1983)
Maki Asakawa "Konna Fūni Sugite Iku No Nara" My Man (1982)
Still Corners "The Message" Slow Air (2018)
The 4 J's "Electronic Instrument 'Theremin' (Dad)" The '4J''s Singing for Jesus (?)
Ted Weems and His Orchestra "Heartaches" (1947)
Los Angeles Negros "El Rey Y Yo" Y volvere (1970)
John Sase "Industrial Age" Aessence (1975)
Steve Fisk "Love Is All Around" Kiss this Day Goodbye (1983)
The 4 J's "Step by Step" The '4J''s Singing for Jesus (?)
Burl Ives "Bow Down" In Memoriam (?)
The Neighb'rhood Childr'n "Long Years In Space" S/T (1968)
Keope "Selah" The King and I (1986)
Sun City Girls "Dreamland" Horse Cock Phepner (1987)
The 4 J's "Jesus" [Remix] The '4J''s Singing for Jesus (?)
John Fahey "A Raga Called Pat, Part IV" The Voice of the Turtle (1968)

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